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Does you tele-sales program need an extra shot in the arm to reach the next sales level?

Are you looking for a way to kick start your team and get them to sell more?

Do you need fresh ideas, new techniques, the latest telephone selling tactics?

If so, in house training is the answer.

Telesalesmaster provides practical, no nonsense, ‘from-the-trenches’ skills training workshops that will give your tele-sales team the selling edge they need to sell more products, generate more leads, increase revenues and improve profitability.

Telesales Training Testimonial

And the reason the workshops are very good is because I am a good thief.

I don’t have a single original sales idea. Instead, I literally steal, beg or ‘borrow’ good ideas from the B to B tele-sales reps with whom I’ve worked or trained.

Virtually every single, tip, technique, process, template and job aid has been nabbed from the best of the best. They are tried, tested and true. They work. I take them, test them on other clients and then package them up and offer them to you in an easy to learn and simple to apply manner.

3 Compelling Reasons to Consider Tele-Sales Training

But at the end of the day, what this really means to you is three things:

  1. your reps will sell more products or generate more leads
  2. your reps will sell more products or generate more leads
  3. your reps will sell more products or generate more leads
The Mastery Training Series

Here are the most popular workshops I provide but each and every one of them can be adapted and tailored to your specific needs.

Tele-Sales Mastery Boot Camp – How to Effectively Sell Using the Telephone
  • If you have a relatively new tele-sales team or if you are looking to ‘get back to basics’ and build a solid tele-sales training program, then this ‘no fuss, no muss’ workshop is for you
  • Boot Camp provides a comprehensive 5-Step Selling Platform and is absolutely chalk full of the very latest in skills and techniques that will give your reps the confidence, the knowledge and the savvy to sell more products and services
  • Dynamic, thorough and practical the workshop features lecture, reading, individual exercise, group workshops and role plays so that your reps not only learn tele-sales skills, they apply them immediately
  • Want to learn more? Call now 613 591 1998
Advanced Tele-Sales Mastery – How to Move from Good to Great in Tele-Sales
  • This workshop is for the veteran and savvy tele-sales reps who want (or perhaps, need) a little kick in the ‘behind’ to get to and surpass the next sales level
    • And it is particularly superb if you suspect that your sales team may have become a little complacent and comfortable with their level of selling
  • The focus of Tele-Sales Mastery is transform your tele-sales team from good to great by providing a more consultative approach to tele-sales
  • Combined with a “Mindshare” strategy, your reps learn how to proactively build relationships using business and personal selling techniques and then leverage those techniques for more sales, referrals and leads
  • Interested in getting to the next sales level? Call right now 613 519 1998
Tele-Prospecting Mastery 2.0 – How to Instantly Generate More Leads and Set More Appointments
  • If you have sales reps or marketers who make cold calls, generate leads or set appointments you could not ask for a better training program
  • Professional and ethical and yet ‘edgy,’ it’s literally jam-packed with the latest and best cold calling skills and techniques that give your reps all they need to get past the toughest of gatekeepers, by pass voice mail and engage more decision makers, qualify more suspects and generate higher quality leads that convert to sales
  • The workshop features powerful templates and job aids (e.g., “The Incredible Objections Chart”) that facilitate learning and guarantee that your reps will use them on the job for instant results
  • Looking for that edge? Call 613 591 1998 for more details
Tele-Prospecting and Lead Generation Mastery for Field Sales Reps
  • This workshop is designed specifically for field sales reps who struggle to pick up the phone and make cold calls to qualify suspects and set appointments
  • It recognizes that field reps communicate best when face to face and not necessarily via the telephone
  • Consequently, this workshop has literally everything your reps need to by pass human and electronic gatekeepers, craft compelling opening statements using structured templates, overcome knee jerk objections, ask the best qualifying questions, present a recommendation and advance the client to the next logical step in the selling process
  • Interested in getting a started? Call 613 591 1998 for a review of your situation
Add On Selling Mastery – How to Increase the Value of Every Call You Make or Take
  • Do you suspect your tele-sales team or your INSIDE Order Desk or CUSTOMER SERVICE reps may be leaving money ‘on the table?’
  • This extremely popular and immensely successful workshop teaches your inbound and outbound reps how to professionally
    • Cross sell related products
    • Up sell on quantity or quality
    • Convert more inquires to sales
    • Identify lead opportunities
    • Ask for – and get – referrals
    • Reduce cancellations and increase win backs
    • Gather market intelligence
    • And much, much more
  • This workshop is about leveraging customer contacts for greater profitability!
  • Don’t Wait! Call now for more information: 613 591 1998

Why Telesalesmaster Training?Telesales Success


Eighteen plus years working in tele-sales throughout the US, Canada and part of Europe can’t help but count for something. What it means to you is you get the combined experience and wisdom of both training AND consulting. And that brings you a world of knowledge that translates readily into practical and effective training. The material is REAL life and relevant.

Telephone Focus

You get tele-sales training. You don’t get sales training that “oh-by-the-way-could-be-adjusted-for-telephone-situations” training. You get training from a tele-sales master and not a sales trainer who “oh-by-the-way-can-do-telephone-sales-training-if-needed.” The entire focus of the workshop centers about the fact that the sale is not face-to-face. There’s a heck of big difference. Finesse on the telephone is vital. In the workshops your reps learn the finesse they need to sell more by telephone.


Your training workshop features examples, cases studies, skill sets, templates and job aids that are relative to YOUR reps, your customers and prospects, your products and services. By conducting intensive pre-workshop interviews and analysis with you, your management team and your reps, I put together a training that is meaningful to your situation which means the skills and techniques will be used immediately (and successfully)!

Post Workshop Coaching Tele-seminar

Perhaps one of the most significant features of the training workshop is the post workshop tele-seminar. Approximately four to six weeks after your training, I provide a 60-90 minute tele-seminar for you and your team. The tele-seminar is flexible based on your needs. Need a refresher on a specific skill set? No problem. Want an informal Q & A? Can do! Perhaps a new skill set? Done! Whatever the case, the tele-seminar ensures that momentum is maintained and you continue to get the results you want.

Budget & Time Friendly

Depending on your specific requirements, every one of the Mastery workshop trainings can be provided in half day, full day or day and half sessions which means they can fit any time and dollar budget necessary. Some companies want and need intensive training but lots of role play while others want something fast paced and hard hitting. Most want something in between. The nice thing is, the choice is yours.


Call this a Bonus Reason. Results are guaranteed. When your reps consistently use these skills and techniques they will SELL more. Guaranteed. End of story.

For More Information on In House Training Programs Call
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