TeleSales Coaching

“What’s the Best Way to Get My Telephone Sales Team to Sell More?”

This is the single most asked question I get as a tele-sales consultant/trainer by telephone sales managers across North America:

 “What can I do to get my tele-sales reps to sell more and meet and exceed their revenue objectives?”

Over the last 18 years the answer has always – always- been the same:


Telesales Coaching

Coach more and coach better.


Nothing – and I mean, absolutely nothing– will improve your sales results more than coaching.  Nothing.  Not better recruiting. Not fancy training. Not a sizzling incentive plan.

TeleSales Coaching: The Ultimate Guide to Helping Your Inside Sales Team Sell Smarter, Sell Better and Sell MORE,” is your first step to helping your reps change their selling behavior and sell smarter …and sell more.


“This book is a must have for any professional sales manager” 
-Brian Jeffrey, President,

Here’s why:

Cold Hard Truth #1: Many– maybe even most – of your telephone sales reps don’t sell as much as they could or should simply because they:

  •  don’t consistently apply the skills and techniques
  •  simply forget
  •  dilute their efforts
  •  ignore what they’ve been taught
  • become complacent and their skills have eroded
  •  lack consistency
  •  ‘just don’t get it’- they lack the sales acumen

Put another way, your telephone reps don’t sell more because they don’t sell properly. They don’t consistently or effectively use their skills and techniques.  They may work hard at selling but they’re not selling smarter.

And here’ the thing:  you KNOW this!  You see it and hear it every day! It’s like finger nails on a chalk board: it’s grating.

Cold Hard Truth #2: But here’s the problem.  Many– if not most- telephone sales managers have never been taught how to be an effective coach!

Most coaching come from the gut and is shot from the hip. It reactionary, instinctive feedback. Sometimes it’s good.  But most of the time it’s ineffective.

Typically managers “remind” their reps about what they missed. They critique the call.  Like a little dark cloud, they point out what was ‘wrong’,  the error, the omission, the miscue or whatever, and then trust (hope?) that the inside rep ‘gets it;’ understands it; absorbs it and above all, applies it.

Studies reveal that negative feedback is given
5 times more often than positive feedback!

Guess what?

Most don’t. They take what is given and ignore it completely, or they apply it incorrectly, or they don’t use it consistently or they flub it completely or they pay lip service to it until you’re out of site.  They don’t give it a fighting chance and promptly go back to whatever they were doing.

And it’s not just rookies!  It’s sophomore, junior and senior reps too.  Just because they have experience doesn’t mean they sell smarter or sell better.

Why do they do that? Why don’t they implement what you told them?

Because your feedback means change.

And most people (your sales reps) resist change.  It’s human nature.

Your reps have created habits, good and bad, that are hard to break.  If the feedback you provide is not clear, not concise, and not communicated in a persuasive manner, it falls on deaf ears.

Rah, rah, sis, boom bah coaching doesn’t cut it. Pep talks may motivate but they don’t make for a smarter, more effective inside sales rep.

Your personal anecdotes don’t help much either. What YOU did as a sales rep doesn’t necessarily work for your reps.  That was you, not them.

Training is not the answer to improved sales , either. Certainly not by itself. Training, without coaching support is a waste of time.  Within a week, studies reveal your reps will have lost, forgotten or ignored over 90% of what they were taught.  In two weeks, they’re back to their old selling habits.

“If you don’t coach, don’t bother training”
– Mark Maynard, Inside Sales Manager, Mercury Medical

So, if your reps don’t sell as well as they should and if you don’t provide coaching feedback that gets them to modify and change their selling behavior, what’s the net result?

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

“TeleSales Coaching- The Ultimate Guide to Helping Your Inside Sales Team Sell Smarter, Sell Better and Sell More, changes all that. And guess what?

It’s less that $30!  A fraction of a cent per day.

In “TeleSales Coaching” you’ll discover everything you need to know to coach more effectively.  You will learn the secrets of coaching persuasion and influence.   You’ll find out how to get your  reps to take personal ownership for their sales growth and how to change and modify their selling behaviors.

Here are just some of the topics covered in the book:

  • The 7 compelling reasons why you MUST coach
  • The 6 things coaching is absolutely NOT (you’ll be surprised with some of these)
  • The #1 reason why companies /telephone sales managers don’t coach
  • The primary reason why coaching programs fail … and what you must do to prevent it
  • The top 11 traits of a great telesales coach – Do you have them all?
  • Is coaching really a miracle call for all your inside sales reps?
  • The simple 4-Step Telesales Coaching Model
  • The absolute, fundamental and critical need for clearly defined selling standards
  • The 3 steps for creating a selling standard
  • Call monitoring tips and tricks – how to make monitoring faster, easier and oh-so-effective
  • 2 simple ways to monitor calls
  • The 5 different methods of call monitoring
  • Who should be monitored … and who should be ignored! (yes, ignored)
  • Where you monitor impacts selling behavior
  • The 3 times you should monitor
  • How to create a monitoring sheet to guide your coaching efforts
  • How to remove your personal bias and analyze calls objectively and fairly using job aids and templates
  • 4 reasons why you should thoroughly analyze the call before giving feedback
  • The secret to consistent and accurate analysis
  • The Algorithm Analysis Chart
  • 7 easy steps for dealing with monitoring paranoia
  • Who should receive feedback … and those who should not
  • Who should give feedback… and those who MUST NOT
  • The 3 choices of where to provide feedback and the impact it has on coaching on the floor
  • The worst kinds of feedback you can possibly give your reps
  • How you can implement a coaching program and still manage your other time and activities
  • How 1-minute praise can help … but also hinder positive sales behavior
  • The 5-Step Socratic Model for providing behavior changing feedback
  • How to provide feedback to ‘rock stars’, ‘old salts’ and the ‘new kid in town’
  • How to implement a self-coaching techniques that create an environment of personal accountability
  • Blue Sheet Reports: a new twist on an old technique
  • How FLASH reports improve sales effectiveness
  • Why mentoring and buddy programs typically fail
  • The Player Coach – you should avoid it, if you can
  • And much, much more!

“Jim’s approach to coaching is deceptively simple and highly effective. Using common sense techniques he makes the process a participative event between the manager and the reps. Sales reps buy in, changer their behaviors and sell more!” – Amanda Gold – Sales Manager

“Tele-Sales Coaching” is easy to learn and simple to apply. There are no high falutin’ theories or philosophies.  It’s all practical, down-t0-earth  skills and techniques.  It’s a common sense approach to persuading your reps to change their selling behavior.  It’s based on the experiences of countless companies – big and small – throughout the US and Canada.

And it’s affordable investment.

At  only $29.95  (or less) it’s a steal.

And best of all,  it works!  Period. End of sentence. Guaranteed!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results you get, I’ll refund
your investment.

If you’re truly serious about improving your bottom line then this book is for you.  You can help your reps sell smarter, sell better and sell MORE.

So order the book now. Give it a try.  See for yourself



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