I work with anyone who uses the telephone to sell and market their products and services, and wants to develop and implement strategies and tactics to make them more effective and successful.  (Translated, that means more sales, leads and appointments.)

However, my approach is NOT for everyone.  While I am extremely supportive, I am also rigorous, persistent and occasionally demanding.  (And, that’s precisely what gets you results!)

If you’re looking for help in launching (or improving) your tele-sales or tele-prospecting initiative, take a look at the three options below and see which one of these programs has what you are looking for:

I. The  Coaching and Mentoring  Jump Start Program

This approach is like the two of us going for lunch to discuss your route before you leave on a trip.

For tele-sales reps, advisers, field reps, trainers, coaches, and small business professionals who want to make sure they avoid mistakes and head off in the right direction but then to work by themselves at their own pace. Typically, this program appeals to those who have an interest in clarifying their focus and simplifying their approach to tele-sales and tele-prospecting.

This 2.5 hour program includes:

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire
  • 30 minute orientation, review and assessment
  • 2 hours of 1:1 discussion exclusively focused on your particular need or requirement
  • Includes recommendations, suggestions, tips, strategies, ideas, do’ s and don’ts
  • Access to selling and prospecting templates and job aids to help craft a call guide

For more information and pricing please call me directly at
613 591 1998 or e-mail me at

II. The Coaching and Mentoring Hands On Program

This approach is like taking a trip with me driving you out of the city to get you quickly and safely on your way.

For tele-sales reps, advisers, consultants, trainers, coaches, field reps and other business professionals who initially want someone by their side as they learn to create, develop and implement their own telephone strategies and tactics, and get them started on their way. This program has particular appeal to those who know their products and services extremely well but require outside, expert perspective on how to use the telephone to approach the market in the most comprehensive and effective manner.

This 30-Day Program includes:

  • Pre-work questionnaire
  • Comprehensive situational assessment and needs analysis
  • Development of a step-by-step outbound calling program
  • Active assistance in building a customized call guide (including opening statements, objections job aid, questioning format, offer/presentation, and closing/advance strategy)
  • Implementation and assessment of call tracking sheets
  • Scheduled weekly telephone appointments to review and analyze approach and results
  • Unlimited e-mail and telephone contact

For more information and pricing please call me directly at
613 591 1998 or e-mail me at

III. The Coaching and Mentoring Turn Key Program

This approach is like taking a trip with me sitting next to you along the entire journey.

For any professional who uses the telephone for marketing and sales, and who are experts at what they do but don’t have the time or the expertise (or maybe the interest) to plan, develop and create a telephone selling prospecting strategy and require someone to not only get them started but to keep them on track.

This program will be of interest to those who are dead serious about sales results and are seeking outside expertise to not only act as a coach but also to act as a cheerleader (to motivate and encourage) and a conscience (to ensure that tasks and activities are done).

This 90-Day Program includes:

  • Pre-work questionnaire
  • Comprehensive product, market and strategic situational review and analysis
  • Development of a customized written telephone strategy to dominate your market niche
  • Design and development of written copy for letters and/or e-mails
  • Development of customized tactical call guide (including a written opening statements, objections job aids, voice mail strategies, qualifying question matrix, offer/presentation chart and closing and advancing techniques)
  • A detailed follow up strategy and lead management process
  • Call tracking sheets with weekly analysis and review
  • Strategic and tactical re-adjustment at 45 days
  • Scheduled telephone meetings

For more information and pricing please call me directly at
613 591 1998 or e-mail me at


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