RetroMarketing: 6 Great Tips to Getting Brochures NOTICED

Old fashioned, antiquated direct marketing is not always a bad move.

I call it “retro-marketing.”  In today’s hectic and jumbled world of e-mails and social media, sending a brochure is not unlike seeing a vintage car zipping down the street.  Everyone takes a second look if only for the sake of nostalgia.

I don’t know about you but there are two things about brochures that have always struck me. The first is the vast majority of brochures are not written for me, the prospect, but rather for the glorification of the company itself.  The second is that they are not overly effective. Many are cluttered and  it is difficult to discern what is being offered and why. Rarely does the brochure skip to the quick. It’s a shame, really.

All of which is to say, the average decision making prospect rarely has the time or the inclination to wade through your brochures. Your job is to somehow leverage those precious seconds so that the prospect devotes them to glancing at your material. Here are some tips that can help draw the prospect into your brochure:

6 Great Retro Marketing Tips

Tip #1:  Know where the most important messages and benefits lie in your brochure and highlight them with a Sharpie or a highlighter; use circles, squares, arrows etc. Draw the eye to the message.  Make it easy for your prospect to find.
Tip #2: Use a Post –It Flag if you are sending  a multi page document; put a star on it so the client is compelled to open to that page. Write a note that says, “Look here.”  Use one of those neat little Post-Its that has an arrow on it.  They’ll think a signature is necessary and flip to that page immediately.

Tip #3: Use a Post – It Note on an inside page and have a small corner stick out the side of the brochure; enough so the client sees there is a note and becomes curious as to what’s inside.

Tip #4: Speaking of Post-Its; slap one on the front of the brochure and write, “Dan, you don’t have the read the whole thing. Take a look at the highlights.” Here’s another great template:   “Jim, I thought of you when I saw this product…” How flattering is that?

Tip #5: Or instead of a post it not use as sheet of 5 x7 paper and write your note; bend part of the sheet over (for example, bend a corner over so part of the text is covered); cringle that portion of the paper to look like it was jammed by accident. Everyone notices the odd fold and the crinkle and immediately reaches for it, opens it , smoothes it out …and then reads it. Et voila!

Tip #6: Write in the margins. In a sea of typeset words and images, handwriting jumps out.

When you send your marketing material, put them in a plain ordinary, over-sized envelope.  Don’t use company envelopes.  Your marketing material is more likely to be screened and/or tossed if you do.  Forget the “labelled” address.  Hand write the envelope.  Put real stamps on them.  Put like six or 10 stamps on it because it “looks” important and begs to be opened.


Retro-marketing can give you a distinct edge.  But use your retro-marketing with the few twists provided above and watch what happens.

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