The 7 Closing Habits of Highly Effective Tele-Sales Reps (Habit #6: Say Thank You)

Here’s a secret tip that highly effective tele-sales reps use to their advantage after the prospect has said ‘yes’ to the sale.

Great closers say “thank you.”

That’s it. That’s all.

Doesn’t seem like much,  does it? Seem like common sense, right?

But when was the last time YOU said thank you when you got the order? The fact of the matter is that most sales reps don’t say thank you.  It is not that they aren’t grateful for the sale, it’s just that they forget.  This might have been the fifth, sixth or seventh sale of the day. The thank you gets lost in the ‘busy-ness’ of the transaction or the day.

Others don’t say thank you because they don’t feel it is necessary; that the buyer has made this decision many times before with the sales rep and dozen like him/her.  In other words, it’s not all that important; part of the routine; no big deal.

But it is.

Why ‘Thank You’ is So Important

The best closers know that from a psychological point of view that the close is often the most critical phase of sale. They know that at some level – subconscious or otherwise- the buyer feels that he or she has ‘bestowed’ a sale on the rep. In an odd way, is not unlike a ‘gift.’  The buyer had a CHOICE. The choice was you and not someone else.

It doesn’t matter that this is business. It doesn’t matter that you had the best price, the best product or the best service.  At a gut level, the buyer is looking for something reciprocal; something that acknowledges the sale; something that balances the scale of the relationship.  It’s human nature.

A polite, sincere and quiet thank you is typically all it takes to even the scale.

Delivered well, it says to that buyer “I know you had a choice and I appreciate that you chose me.” It says,  “I don’t take you or the sale for granted.”  It says, “I’m  not complacent and I remember that YOU’RE the customer.”

Here’s another thing that highly effective closers know.  They know that the thank you is important for this sale, but they also know that it is extremely important for the next sale and the sale after that and the sale after that. And so it goes.

The Card

Here is one other thing that top closers do to make the NEXT sale easier to close.

Depending on the nature of the sale, a great closer will send a hand-written thank you card.  If the sale is the first with that account, a handwritten note and card is sent with a real stamp attached.  This small gesture shows the new client that you ‘took the time.’  This is a form of reciprocity. It is recognized and remembered.   If the sale is a large one from an existing client, savvy closers will send a card that acknowledges the moment.  They don’t whip off an e-mail. E-mails are fast and impersonal and easily forgotten. There is little value in an e-mail thank you. Don’t bother.

The Gift

Great closers will occasionally reward clients who have made multiple buys.  Sending a big package of Hersey Kisses or some other candy with a little note that says, “Thank you for all the business” is small and inexpensive but can pay huge dividends in future sales.  A pizza lunch, a bottle of BBQ spices, a coffee mug… any little gesture… can have a powerful effect on the relationship and on future closes.


Say thank you after each and every sale, big or small.  Be discrete, be sincere. Don’t overdo it. Don’t gush.  But do it. It’ll improve your closing rate down the line.

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