The 7 Closing Habits of Highly Effective Tele-Sales Reps (Habit #5: Invoke A Vow of Silence)

Top tele-sales closers always invoke a ‘vow of silence’ after they ask for the sale.

Highly effective telephone sales reps ask for the sale using a traditional or a nouveau close and then they ‘zip it.’ Nothing passes their lips until the prospect speaks.  They let the silent pause go to work for them.

Silence is particularly powerful and effective in telephone selling compared to face to face selling.  Because there are no visual distraction in tele-sales, silence is perceived as three to six times longer than it really is. What this does is create a noticeable gap – a vacuum in the conversation and, in turn, this creates a degree of tension. It literally compels the prospect to fill the silent void. Silence is an itch that needs to be scratched.

Beware! 2-Way Tension

But tension works both ways.

Telephone reps can acutely feel the awkwardness of silence just as easily as the prospect.  Maybe even more so because there’s a sale at risk!   There can be an overwhelming impulse to fill that gap with a rush of additional information on the product or service.  Or even worse, some reps go to the extreme and torpedo the effort with comments like,  “Well…ah…maybe you’d like some more time to think about it,” or “Why don’t I send you some information and you decide then.” Yikes!


Effective closers resist the urge because they know with absolute certainty that additional conversation of any sort detracts from the objective of closing.  Instead they invoke a vow of silence. They doodle or file their nails or clear their desk. And they wait it out.

Give your client the time to digest your offer. Give them the time to weigh their options. Give them time to say yes.

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The 7 Closing Habits of Highly Effective Tele-Sales Reps (Habit #5: Invoke A Vow of Silence), 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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