The 7 Closing Habits of Highly Effective Tele-Sales Reps (Habit #4: Asking)

Okay, here’s where the rubber really hits the road.

After preparing for a call, after keeping an ear out for buying signals AND after using test closes to gauge client interest, top closers simply ASK for the sale.

It seems kind of ridiculous to hammer this point home because it’s so dang obvious but good closers ARE good closers because they unfailingly ask for the sale. They don’t sit on their hands and hope for a sale. They don’t wait for the client to raise their hand and volunteer to buy.

They seize the moment.

Here are five closing techniques that top closers use. Three are ‘classic’ closes and two are ‘nouveau’ closes.

3 Classic Closing Techniques

1.The Direct Close

The name says it all. The direct close is just that: direct and to the point. There is no confusion about what the tele-sales rep is asking. I find the very best closers tend to use direct closes most often. For instance,

“So, Mark, would you like to place that order now?”

“Bevin,  would you like to purchase the software?”

Because it is so ‘black and white,’ it gets the prospect to give a definitive answer one way or another.  It’s quick and easy.

2. The Assumptive Close

The assumptive close assumes the sale has been made, and the tele-rep closes on a smaller issue. The theory is that the client is not longer making a major ‘buying’ decision but rather a minor ‘administrative’ decision.  For example,

“Carson, how many would you like?”

“Okay Morgan, I can get those out on today’s truck.”

The assumptive close is probably the most popular closing technique. It doesn’t seem as ‘assertive’ as the direct close so it appeals to a broader base of tele-sales rep.  Who cares as long as it works?

4. The Choice Close

The choice close is really an assumptive close with options. Here again, the theory is the client is making a decision on two administrative points rather than on a major purchase:

‘Would you like to begin with the 3-pack or the 5-pack?’

“Would you like overnight delivery or 3-day ground?”

2 ‘Nouveau’ Closing Techniques

If you’re not French or ‘hip’, nouveau means “new.”  These two techniques seem to work exceptionally well in a tele-sales situation.

4. Give it a Shot Close

This close is simple but a highly effective close.  Assuming that you’ve presented your solution to their needs, you close by saying,

“So, Janis, would you like to give it a shot?

This colloquial, off-the-cuff close positions the sale as ‘no-big-deal.’  This makes the decision to buy seem easier. Giving something a shot implies that the decision can be rescinded and that it is not permanent.  Psychologically, the client feels there is a ‘way out’ if necessary.  It’s a bit of a mind game and that’s what makes this such an excellent close.  It’s my favorite.

5. Any Reason Why We Can’t Proceed Close

This close works exactly the way it looks. Again, presuming you’ve done your needs analysis and presented a solution, your closing remark is this,

“So, Carrie-Anne, is there any reason why we can’t proceed with the software installation?”

It does two things. First, it solicits any objection that might be lurking in the background.  Get rid of the objection and you get the sale. Secondly, it moves the client into the ‘closing mode.’ If you’ve presented well, this question is almost rhetorical because it implies that saying ‘yes’ is the only logical choice. Simply pause and let them reply.


Great closers always, always ask for the sale because it increases the closing rate. Period. What close you use is a matter of personal style.  If you’re more casual,  use the nouveau approach. If you’re a little more subtle, use the assumptive or choice. If you like to go for the brass ring, use the direct close. But use ONE of them.

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