The Top 7 Motivators of Tele-Sales Reps

Last month I ran a brief poll with the readers of my newsletter -Tele-Sales Vitamins- to informally assess what motivates the ‘average’ tele-sales rep.  I provided 7 motivators and asked the readers to rate them from the strongest motivator to the weakest. Here are the seven choices:

7 Tele-Sales Motivators
  • Training, coaching and personal development
  • Compensation
  • Recognition, praise, appreciation
  • Challenging job
  • Career Path/Advancement
  • Good/Fun/Positive environment
  • Job Security
The 7 Motivators Ranked in Order

Below are the results as voted by the readers.

#1 Motivator: Compensation

#2 Motivator: Training, coaching and personal development

#3 Motivator: Challenging job

#4 Motivator: Recognition, praise, appreciation

#5 Motivator: Career path/Advancement

#6 Motivator: Good/Fun/Positive Working Environment

#7 Motivator: Job Security

That compensation was the #1 motivator is not surprising.  It was the overwhelming choice of readers who took the survey.  What it surprising is that motivators #2, #3 and #4 were clustered together. A few votes here and there would have changed the ranking in a heartbeat. Interesting though, that once financial concerns are addressed (compensation) the next three motivators relate to ‘self actualizing.’  Clearly a strong ‘ego drive’ is a key motivator.  That’s a good thing.

That job security was the #7 motivator was a bit surprising.  But then again, maybe it is not so surprising. In today’s uncertain economy perhaps workers understand that there is no such thing as job security. Or perhaps those who took the survey recognized that if they sell well, they don’t have to worry about job security.

So, what do you think?  Any surprises?

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