Do This Today

Quick, before the month is out, do this:

Make a list of your top fifteen or twenty clients.  Then go out and buy a box of plain, ordinary “Thank You” cards and a roll of stamps.  Hand write a thank you note to each and every one of those top clients.

Make your note simple.  Say something like,

“Eva, I just wanted to say thank you for all the business that you have given me (us) over the past year.  I am well aware that you have a choice of vendors and I appreciate your confidence. I look forward to continue working with you this year. Kind Regards…”

Then hand write the envelop. (Whatever you do, DON’T use a label!)  Put a stamp on each envelop. (Do NOT use a postage meter).  The card must be personal; from you. It cannot have a hint of ‘corporate’ marketing.  And then send out the cards.

This small effort does several things.

  • First, it is an unexpected gesture of appreciation. At some level, your customers will experience a degree of delight.  It will ‘wow’ them.  It will make them feel good.
  • Second, because you took the TIME to hand write the card and the envelop, it shows a degree of  personal effort.
  • Third, the vast majority of vendors – including your competitors- don’t send a thank you card; certainly not at the beginning of the year. This differentiates you.  Customers often remember these gestures. It can sometimes tip the scales in your favor in a tight selling situation.
  • Fourth, it tells your client that you don’t take them for granted; that you appreciate their patronage; and that you’ll work to keep it.
  • Finally, this is a heck of way to kick off the selling year.

Sometime we get so caught up in generating leads, selling products and meeting our objectives that we forget about the people who really make it happen: the customer.

Show them you care.

Do this fine gesture today.

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