Practice Full Disclosure

I am not a ranter by nature. Today is an exception.

You wouldn’t think I would need to say this but please… practice full disclosure  when speaking to your prospects. Full disclosure means being accurate about why you want to meet with your prospect. It means telling the truth.

Recently, I was speaking at a networking event and was approached by an attendee.  He was very complimentary about the session and explained how his firm might be able to use some of the training I provide. Heck, he gave me his card and said to call. I did and we set up a date a time.

A couple of days before the session I got a strange voice mail from prospect suggesting I meet with him  and a ‘guest speaker’ from out of town the night before our appointment.   My spider senses began tingling.  I had the vague and uneasy feeling of some sort of pyramid scam. So I sent an e-mail canceling the appointment and suggested we chat by phone before getting together. In other words, I thought I should do some further qualifying because something did not seem to be right.

Dang good thing I did.

First I got an e-mail stating his product had to be” seen” and then he offered with six different times we could meet.  His product??? ‘What up with that?’ And not 10 minute later he called to close on one 0f the times. I felt slightly stalked.

I said that I might have been mistaken but I thought we were meeting to discuss training. MY product,  not HIS product.

And here’s where the skating began. All over the place with excuses, subterfuge, chatter, clutter. Slipping and sliding. Back paddling. Ignoring. Blustering.

The long and the short of it was this: he had mislead me. Grotesquely mislead me. He was going to lure me out of my office and pitch me. Imagine my thoughts!

And the net result is this:

1. He will never, ever get my business. Ever. In zillion years.

2. He will never get a referral (and if you can believe it, he asked me for referrals)

3. I will tell the participants of my Mastermind group who are a part of the association, who will tell others.

4. I am writing this blog to several hundred readers.

5. I will tell this story in training sessions.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, isn’t it?

You see, hiding information, misleading your prospect, disguising your objective , and well…not telling the truth is just plain destructive. It ain’t worth it. What does that tell you about the person?

Practice full disclosure. Tell the truth. Your word either means something or nothing.

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