To Script or Not to Script – Part II – 5 Reasons to Love Scripts

The Case for a Script

Scripts are not necessarily evil when it comes to selling. On the contrary, there are some profound benefits to scripting. Here are just five:

1. Creates Consistency

A script ensures that “everyone is singing from the same hymn book.”  In turn, consistency helps ensure call quality. This gives you peace of mind that your client base is hearing the same thing from all reps all of the time.

2. Shortens the learning curve

A script is easy to learn. Plunk it down on paper and you have a training document. In short order, your rep can be on the phone making calls and making money.

3. Reduces call lengths and increases productivity

A well written script gets rid of useless clutter that often accompanies a sales call. Because it is focused and structured, it gets to the point more quickly; messages are more succinct and better understood.  This efficiency can carve seconds or even minutes off a call. Multiple those by the volume of calls and the number of reps and you have economies of scale.

4. Provides a Standard by which you can coach

But perhaps one of the most significant benefits of a script is that it creates a standard by which a manager can coach. A standard is specific way something should be said or delivered. If a rep knows precisely what is expected, it becomes easier to support it through coaching and coaching is the key to sustained sales results.

5. Allows you to test

Finally, one of the strongest features of scripting is that it allows you to test various components of a call. For example, you could create two or three opening statements and test one against the other to determine which gets the higher response rate. You can do the same thing with offers.  Does offer A out pull offer B?  Because you can control the variables of a call, you can isolate and test one component at a time. In this manner you can determine the best mix of words to get the highest return on investment.


Thou provideth a puzzle. Which dost thou choose? Seeth Part III.  (My apologies to Shakespeare and the English language. I just couldn’t resist)!

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