How to Create the Perfect Voice Mail Message (How to Leave John Grisham-like Voice Mail)

A ‘perfect’ voice mail message is one that not only gets heard by your prospect but also gets a return call.  The perfect voice mail message has a few key features.

First and foremost, it must be as intriguing as a John Grisham thriller. An intriguing message teases and tempts the listener but never reveals the specific reason for the call.  It hints.  It implies.  You get to the end of the chapter and Grisham leaves you hanging. You’re exhausted and tired but you turn the page.

The same with a voice mail messages. Your listener should hear it and want to turn the page i.e., pick up the phone and return the call. For instance,  “John, the reason for my call is that I have an idea that might significantly impact the productivity of your sales team.”

This is a perfect message because it gets the listener curious: “What idea? What could impact the productivity of my reps? Hmmm…it’s true though…my reps certainly could improve their productivity…Hmmm…what idea? Maybe I should call back. ” The listener turns the page and dials the phone.

Perfect voice mail messages also contain or imply a benefit. The ‘idea’ creates intrigue but it is the benefit that makes it worth the time and effort to return the call. In this case, the sales rep uses productivity as the key benefit.  He picks at a sales scab; irritates it; gets the prospect to feel it! Like Grisham, the sales reps creates the mood.

Perfect voice mail messages are delivered with conviction and sincerity. They are believable and convincing.  They are also delivered at moderate speed so that they are understood. The return phone number is slowly spoken so that it is easy to  transcribe. It is repeated twice to make it ‘listener friendly’.

A perfect voice mail message is practiced by the rep. It is mastered. It is delivered flawless.

Take the time and craft a perfect voice mail message.

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