Closing the Sale: 25 Compelling Reasons Why Prospects Might Say YES

Closing is often cited as the most difficult skill or technique for sales reps to master.  The primary reason for this reaction is the fear of hearing no. To many reps, the word ‘no’ is associated with rejection and with failure. This leads to frustration, discouragement and despair. Left unchecked, it could mean the loss of a job.

Mind Games

The fear of hearing ‘no’ is an insidious mind game. Consciously or subconsciously, sales reps tend to psych themselves out by conjuring up all sorts of reasons why a prospect would say no:  too expensive, bad economy, happy with current supplier, don’t need, don’t want it, don’t like it, don’t like you. Sound familiar? In effect, reps have prefabricated the ‘no’ they expect to receive. This type of negative thinking is destructive because it creates ‘so-why-bother-asking’ mentality.  Instead, the rep hopes –or prays- that the prospect will take the initiative and say, “I’ll buy it.”

Don’t be a victim of this type of this mind game!

Give your head a shake and reverse the situation.

Sure prospects say no, but a lot of them say yes. And that’s where your focus should lie. Give yourself a fighting chance by NOT focusing on why a prospect might say no and freaking out over it. Instead, focus on WHY a prospect might say YES. It is a simple but highly effective mental shift. By doing this you create a positive mindset and you begin to think of why you should ask instead of why you shouldn’t.  You’ll soon discover that the more you ask, the more you’ll get.

25 Reasons Why Your Prospects Might Say Yes:

Here is a quick list of 25 reasons why a prospect might say yes. Print and post this list somewhere visible. Read it two or three times a day, or whenever your spirit is lagging.

1. For whatever reason, the client likes you. People buy from people they like.

2. The client trusts you. Double whammy. People buy from people they like AND trust.

3. They see the value of your product or service.

4. You price is good. Maybe even great.

5. They want what you have.

6. The prospect doesn’t like your competitors.

7. The prospect doesn’t see any extra value in your competitors.

8. He/she is in a good mood and buys off the cuff.

9. The prospect is in a hurry and wants to save time.

10. The prospect is unhappy with their present supplier and wants a change.

11. The client wants to minimize his risk with the present supplier.

12. The prospect wants to send a “message” to their present supplier.

13. The prospect wants to make a change in product and try something new.

14. The prospect is a new buyer and has no allegiance to the existing vendor.

15. You sell well. You’re good at what you do.

16. The prospect doesn’t have a choice. You win by default.

17. They lack the courage to say “no.”

18. The decision to buy from you can make the prospect look good in the eyes of his boss.

19. You have a great offer. Why not?

20. You are politely persistent and the prospect admires your tenacity.

21. The prospect feels the need to reciprocate because you did or sent something of value (like an article, a card, a bottle of BBQ Spice).

22. They are worried they’ll get caught short.

23. The prospect wants to ‘test you out’ and see how you perform.

24. Your marketing material was persuasive.

25. It’s a mystic moment: Jupiter is aligned with Mars. You just get lucky.


There are probably 25 more reasons if you simply take the time to think.  Remember this: too many reps dwell too much on why a prospect might say ‘no’ and convince themselves not to ask for the sale.  The smart choice is to go into a sale thinking of all the reasons why a prospect might say yes.  This leads to a positive attitude that reflects in your demeanor and in what you say. It also leads to sales success. Plain and simple.

Think yes and sell more.

PS: Here’s a bonus reason (#26): Your competitor didn’t ask for the sale because he feared saying ‘no’…and you didn’t.

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