How to Leverage Your Telephone Prospecting Efforts in 1 Easy Step

By Kelley Robertson
Robertson Training Group (

I recently came across a strategy that can improve your cold calling efforts. A surprisingly simple concept, yet an effective one. I shared it with a colleague who has been working with telesales reps for more than 20 years and he agreed.


Here it is…

Focus all of your calls in a specific time period on one vertical.

Rather than making several dozen calls in one morning to companies in a range of industries, concentrate your efforts on one industry or vertical.

Here are the benefits of using this approach.

  • You can fine-tune your message so it will resonate with your prospect.
  • Your message will get stronger the more you recite it (and develop it).
  • You will hear the same objections so you can respond to them more effectively.
  • You will be able to give relevant examples of the results your solution has achieved.

Most sales people make calls to a wide range of companies every day. This means they have to adapt their message to each person they call. However, when you call companies in the same industry, you can use the same approach, stories, and examples. Plus, it gets you in the zone and gives you the opportunity to speak to the specific challenges your prospect’s face in their particular business.

If you plan to make cold calls this week, group them so you are calling similar companies during the same period. I am confident you will quickly see better results.

Kelley RobertsonKelley Robertson is president of the Robertson Training Group. Kelley is the author of two sales books, Stop, Ask & Listen-Proven Sales Techniques to Turn Browsers into Buyers and The Secrets of Power Selling. Both sales training books provide practical insights to improving your sales results. Visit his website at or call him 905 633 7750.


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