Give this Closing Technique a Shot … You’ll be Glad You Did

 Pssst ….Want to learn a simple but highly effective closing technique that works extremely well in the world of telephone selling AND will help increase your sales rate?

It’s called, The-Give-It-A-Shot Close and here’s everything you need to know about how and why it works.

Give-It-A Shot Closing Examples

The best way to illustrate the close is by showing you a few examples. You’ll be astounded by how simple and easy it is to use but don’t be fooled, it’s sophisticated and powerful.

“So … Corinne, based on information I’ve provided and how it can help improve your revenues, would you like to give the program a shot?

“Mark, do you want to give that digital unit a shot?

“Bryon, unless there are any more questions, would you like to give the M350 a shot and see what it does for your production rate?”

“So, Kerri, why not give it a shot and see for yourself?

Why it Works So Well With Prospects

One of the key reasons why this close works so well, especially with prospects, is that it helps reduce the natural anxiety a prospect experiences when buying from a new vendor. Prospects worry about you, your company and your product or service. At some level they’re concerned that they might not be making the right decision and that it’ll come back to haunt them.

Bearing this in mind, the Give-it- a-Shot close helps to lesson that anxiety. The technique has a ‘no-big-deal’ quality to it. Because it is a casual and low pressure type of close, the client relaxes. He or she is more at ease because at a conscious or subconscious level there is the feeling that the close is not permanent, that it is reversible. It’s subtle but extremely significant because it doesn’t feel manipulative. Delivered in a nonchalant manner, the prospect senses that you’re at ease with the closing too.

Why it Works so Well with Telephone Reps

Not all telephone reps are hesitant to close, but many are. Psychologically, the Give-it-a-Shot close makes it easy for those who sometimes worry about being perceived as too pushy or aggressive.

Make no mistake about it, you’re still ASKING for the sale but the manner in which you ask does not have that high pressure feel to it. And because more prospects say ‘yes’ to it, the more likely you are to use it consistently.

How to Make it Work For You

The Give-it-a-Shot close still depends on good questioning and qualification on your part. And you still have to deliver a decent presentation after identifying a need. You still need to handle rebuttals well. All those fundamentals are still required. But once you’ve done all that, follow these two steps:

Step #1: Recap the situation and casually use the close.

It might look something like this, “Katrina, based on what you told me about the need to improve cash flow at your office, it sounds like our program would be a good fit in boosting the bottom line with your clients. So… given what I’ve told you, would you like to give the program a shot?”

Step #2: Zip it

Go silent. Let the prospect ponder the opportunity. Don’t add anything more. Don’t clutter or confuse the moment. Let the silence do it’s magic.

One of three things will happen at this point. First, they might have a question, concern or objection. Excellent. It’s a good opportunity to provide more information and help the prospect make a buying decision.

Second, they could say “no.” That’s okay too. Better to ask and hear “no” then not to ask and wonder … forever.

Third, they could say “yes.” Et voila. You’ve got a sale.


What’s the worst that can happen? Closing in this manner certainly won’t reduce your close rate, so you risk nothing. And it stands a pretty good chance of increasing your close rate because it tackles some of the subconscious concerns most prospect have.

So… why not give it shot today?

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