Controlling Your Sales Destiny – Tip #11: Find a Coach, Conscience and Cheerleader

This is the eleventh in a series of posts about taking control of your sales destiny and achieving sales success.

Tip #11:  Find a Coach, Conscience and Cheerleader

There seems to be a tendency in sales people to ‘go-it-alone.’  Maybe it’s because we’re adults and we feel we should be able to work on our own and be independent that we resist coaching and help from others.  Maybe we feel ‘inadequate’ if we ask for help or guidance.  Maybe we fear embarrassment.  Maybe we worry about admonishments. Or perhaps we are just shy.

Whatever the case, get over it!

Reach out. Find someone who can lend perspective, sharpen your game, improve your skills, and give you an edge; someone you respect and someone who will HELP you grow professionally; someone who is honest and forthright; who doesn’t have an ‘agenda’ other than to help you succeed. It could be:

  • A manager
  • A sports coach
  • A consultant
  • An advisor
  • A role model
  • A friend
  • A parent
  • A partner

You’ll be in Good Company

Think of it: superstar athletes have coaches.  Aaron Rogers, Serena and Venus Williams, Tiger Woods, Justin Verlander, Sydney Crosby, and every Olympic athlete under the sun have coaches.  They have them because coaches make them better, provide objectivity, and ultimately hold them accountable.

Here’s the big thing: they’ll often act as your conscience: remind you of things, push you a little, admonish here and there, get you to do the things you might like to do.

Oh ya, they’ll do another thing:   they’ll also cheer for you and praise you. They’ll help build you up.  High five you.


Here are a few actions to get you started

  1. Make a list of people who can act as your coach, conscience and cheerleader.  Typically, it is your boss because they can work with you, real-time, on the job. (But not all bosses want to coach or cheerleader so you might have to go elsewhere).  Incidentally, you can have more than one coach. Different coaches can help you on different elements of your sales game: skills, attitude, knowledge etc.
  2. Formally approach your would-be conscience/coach/ cheerleader and explain what you want them to do.  Depending on your needs, their role will vary.
  3. Commit to listening.  Hey…sometimes you won’t like what you hear. Don’t defend yourself or your action.  Just listen to what they have to say.  They’re in your corner.  For you to control your sales destiny you need to have someone who points out what you might not see.
  4. Implement what you learn.  This is where the rubber hits the road.  Your coach will provide you with direction but it’s up to you to take the steps.

Don’t go it alone.  If you’re truly interested in succeeding in sales, find people who will help.  Take control of your sales destiny!

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