Controlling Your Sales Destiny – Tip #9: Get Organized, please!

This is the ninth in a series of posts about taking control of your sales destiny and achieving sales success.

Tip #9: Get Organized

This is an important but often uncomfortable topic.  Very important because it directly impacts your success – or lack thereof- in sales.  Uncomfortable because most almost everyone is guilty of poor time management and would rather avoid the topic.

The fact of the matter is most people – including tele-sales reps like you and me- are not well organized and we’ve gotta’ come to grips with it if we’re to move to the next level.

So let me ask, does this seem all too familiar?

  • a cluttered desk,
  • scads of paper, notes and files scattered around your work station
  • constant multi-tasking on three, four or five items
  • brochures, price lists, bulletins and memos strewn about
  • quotes waiting to be completed
  • behind on dials,
  • ten applications open on your browser,
  • frantic last minute proposals being worked upon
  • late follow up calls
  • checking out Facebook updates
  • behind on prospecting and new business development … you’ll do that tomorrow, right?
  • lost phone numbers – again
  •  incomplete thank you cards to clients who bought a month ago,
  •  month end sales deadline (drop everything)
  • checking your e-mails every 8 minutes
  • texting friends and family
  • fire-fighting with shipping, billing etc. … gasp…
  • fiddling with your cell phone

The Net Impact

The net effect of such chaos is psychological (and physiological) stress that takes its’ toll on your sales success. At some level, it whittles away your energy, drive, focus, and motivation.  Put another way, you’re not nearly as effective as you could be or should be … and that affects your sales, your revenues, your personal income, your personal life … your sales destiny and more.

So What Are You going to Do About it? (See Tip #2)

Being organized, managing your time, setting your priorities, working on the right ‘stuff’ at the ‘right’ time etc. is not something most people are born with.  It is something they learn.  If you struggle with some (or all) of these traits, own up to it and  then DO SOMETHING!  Here’s a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling:

Action Item #1:  Tonight, stay late and thoroughly clean your desk and work areas.  Ruthlessly purge the clutter.  File things properly and neatly.  Scrub – literally – your desk clean. Organize your pens and pencils.  Get rid of those boxes of crackers, bags of chips, chocolate bars and old cups of coffee.  Why do this?  First, it’s a symbolic start at taking control of things.  Second, it gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment.  And third, when you arrive tomorrow you have a fresh clean environment and this, by itself, gives you a sense of clarity and purpose.  It works.

Action Item #2:  This evening, at home, take twenty minutes, get on line and Google “time management” and “getting organized.” Read a few articles on taking control.  Just twenty minutes – that all. Then go to Amazon and look at time management/organization books.  Do some research and then invest in yourself by buying a book or two. (Refer to Tip #7)


Here’s the thing, taking control of your sales destiny by controlling your time and activities is EMPOWERING.  Once you learn how to do it, you’ll be filled with amazing self-confidence.  You experience a “I-can-do-anything” kind of energy. Really, you will.  But not only does it help you in your sales career, it helps you in your life.






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