Controlling Your Sales Destiny – Tip #8: Set Goals and Keep Score

This is the eighth in a series of posts about taking control of your sales destiny and achieving sales success.

Tip #8: Set Goals and Keep Scores

Do I really have to tell you to set sales goals?  Everyone knows that goals are destinations and without them sales reps are not certain precisely where they are going, how they are going to get there, and when.

Goals drive us.  They give us focus.  In some cases, the goals are dropped in our laps while in others we establish them ourselves. It doesn’t matter. You need them.  You know this deep inside so let’s not belabor the point.

…Except to say that goals simply don’t relate to revenues.  Your goals can relate to those actions and activities that contribute to that revenue goal.  In tele-sales it includes things like live connects, leads and conversions to sales.  Suppose you have a goal of 5 new contacts a day. You dial until you reach that many … and more, if you’re so inclined.  Identify the key activities and establish goals.

Keeping Score

But what you also need to do is keep score.  Keeping score is gauging where you are relative to those goals and where you should be.   A simple example: you need to generate $1.2 million in revenues.  Over twelve months that’s $100K/month.  On a weekly basis that’s $25K.  If, after three weeks you’re plugging along at $15 it tells you you’re behind in the ‘game.’

You see, the score alerts you.  It tells you of the variation.  It reminds you to act. It creates instant accountability. That’s when you go back to Tip #2 and ask yourself the big question:  “What are you going to do about it?” because it is your responsibility! If 5 live contacts aren’t cutting it, make it seven or eight.  Do what you need to do.

It’s that simple.

Action Plans

  1. Determine your revenue goals for 2013 either on your own or with the help of your boss.
  2. Divide those goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily targets, if you like.
  3. Purchase a little dry erase board and post the goals you’ve set for the day or week.  List your sales revenues on the board as you achieve them.  You’ll get a sense of accomplishment.

Goals and keeping score is nothing new.  But it’s vital if you want to control your sales destiny.  Do it.

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