Controlling Your Sales Destiny – Tip #4: Apply Elbow Grease

This is the fourth in a series of posts about taking control of your sales destiny and getting you on your way to achieving sales success.

Tip #4: Apply Elbow Grease

Sometimes all you need to control your sales destiny is a little elbow grease.

Elbow grease means work harder.  Do a little more. Push a little harder.  Extras.  Sweat a bit. Grunt work. The old college try and all that good stuff. Nothing horribly complex.  A simple tactic that can pay big dividends.

Sometimes we think we are working harder but maybe we’re not.  Here’s a test: do you regularly get into work twenty or thirty minutes before starting time?  Do you stay after quitting time? Do you sometimes work through lunch? Do you take work home at night to clear up a few things?

What often happens is our work ethic erodes and we don’t see it.  Sometimes we get complacent.  At other times we get down-and-out lazy.  (I know I do every now and then).  And when that happens productivity takes a hit.

Elbow Grease Action Items

We all know what hard work is.  It’s nothing dramatic. It’s just nose to the grindstone. Here are two action items that are easy enough to implement and manage.

Action #1: Apply the 15-15-15 Principle.  This means arrive 15 minutes earlier and start making cold calls.  Take 15 minutes less at lunch and make some calls. Stay 15 minutes later in the day.  You’ve just uncovered 45 minutes of extra selling time per day. That translates to 225 minutes a week or a little less than 4 hours more a week.  That’s 16 hours in a month or put another way, 2 full days.

Action #2: Do work at home. Just 30 minutes.  Write thank you cards.  Compose e-mails.  Stuff envelopes. Read a sales newsletter.  Visit and research the websites of your prospects.  Check out Linked in profiles.  Do all this from the cozy comfort of your home.

Elbow grease increases your odds of success by giving you more opportunities.  It’s like increasing your time at the gym, you’ll get stronger faster.

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