How to Increase Sales by Becoming Slightly Paranoid

Want to boost your sales in a hurry?

Get slightly more paranoid and beware the dreaded “PHDs.”

The PHDs

A PHD is my term for a “poor, hungry and driven” rival or competitor.  A PHD is the ‘new kid in town’ who is looking to gobble up your business.   They have energy, spunk and audacity.  They’re the ones who arrive earlier and stay later.  Tricky little devils, the PHDs are the ones who push themselves; who take calculated risks and who get so dog gone creative when it comes to stealing business.  They woo and charm your clients like a Casanova . They’re like zombies in their relentless pursuit of your clients.  Don’t ya just hate zombie PHDs?

So get paranoid.

They’re out there.  Watching. Waiting. Ready to pounce. Trust me. Start looking over your shoulder and start worrying a bit more about those insidious “PHDs” who are poised to steal your customers, your prospects, your sales, your commissions and maybe even your job.

The Power of Paranoia

Of course, what I am really talking about is using ‘fear’ as a motivator to fight complacency. In effect, being paranoid  is an anti-PHD strategy. If you  think someone is lurking behind your back you are more apt to be conscious of the threat.  That nagging concern will move you to take proactive action.

Actions That Paranoid Reps Take to Combat the PHDs

How does paranoia translate into actions?

  • Arrive a bit earlier
  • Stay a bit later
  • Dial more
  • Contact 2 more decision makers/ day than you normally would
  • Improve a skill or technique
  • Read more literature on sales
  • Buy a book on selling, communicating, writing …anything business related
  • Read industry journals
  • Subscribe to industry newsletters
  • Contact 3 (instead of 2) more decision makers/day
  • Visit your competitors website
  • Become a subject matter expert
  • Develop a ‘stay in touch’ strategy to delight your clients
  • Be proactive in your calling to existing clients
  • Prospect every single day for new business
  • Get coaching from  your manager
  • Subscribe to selling newsletter
  • Role play with a buddy
  • Write an article on your product
  • Pay more heed in meetings
  • Take more notes
  • Go the distance an contact 5 (instead of 3) more decision makers/day
  • Get organized
  • Be curious about things
  • Get to know your existing clients on a more personal level
  • Get better at using your CRM
  • Ask clients for feedback on you, your company and your products

You are probably doing some of these activities, maybe even many.  But the truly paranoid sales rep frets that it’s not enough.  The paranoid does more, looks for extras, gets a little daring, pushes a bit harder and seeks to be a bit smarter.

Get paranoid today… and sell more tomorrow.

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