5 Tips for Better e-Mail Marketing Results

by Corey Perlman

Reports on the demise of email are greatly exaggerated.

I hope social media pundits keep telling people email is dead because it will just make more room for our emails to get through!

According to a 2011 Clickz.com survey, 91% of people still check email once or more daily. In other words, we still get just as excited when we hear the ‘Ding!’ indicating a new message has arrived. 

However, email marketing has become a real challenge with email programs like Gmail and Outlook playing nightclub bouncer-deciding which emails get in and which stay out. People are also overwhelmed with the amount of email they receive, so getting ours opened and read is a constant battle.

So here are Five Tips to see better results from your email marketing.

Tip #1: Never send an email first thing in the morning. 

There’s usually a 6-8 hour window where people are sleeping and hopefully not checking email. After breakfast or when they get to the office, they open their email and are usually met with a flood of junk mail and a few important pieces mixed in. As email goes, this is the most overwhelming part of our day. Most of us skim through, deleting what we can so we can get ahead of the email snowball.

Not a great time for your email to be mixed in with the rest.

Now fast forward a few hours. The junk is gone, we’ve put out the fires and we feel good about our organized inbox.

Great time for your email to arrive.

Between 10am-2pm is when I try and get my email out.

Tip #2: Play with the subject line. 

Shorten it. Ask questions. Use a startling stat. Use their name in the subject line.

Then watch your open rate and see what happens. You’ll start to see a pattern and you’ll make adjustments accordingly. I subscribe to lots of other eNewsletters and take note when they get me to open the email. They give me great ideas for new subject lines.

Tip #3: Worry more about value, less about frequency. 

I get an email every single day from Mashable.com and I’ll probably never unsubscribe. This is because they pack their emails full of value.

At the same time, if I subscribe to a newsletter that comes once every three months and it’s packed full of promotions and ads, I’ll leave immediately.

Pump in the value as much as you can. You’ll build trust and rapport with your subscribers and they will look forward to your emails each time they arrive.

Tip #4: ABCE – Always Be Collecting Emails 

No matter what, you’re going to lose subscribers. In fact, I’ll lose a few when I send this email out. Oh well. We can’t dwell on it. Maybe I just hit them on a bad day or they got tired of my goofy pictures – I’m not going to let it bother me.

Instead, I’m going to keep finding ways to invite more people to be part of this eNewsletter. I do this by:

– Having a subscribe form on my website

– Having a subscribe form on my Facebook Business page

– Letting people share this newsletter with their friends

– Asking for emails at my events and in my books, audios, etc.

ABCE – it’s one of the lifelines of your business.

Tip #5: Give a clear call to action. 

People can only get so much from an email. Don’t make them try and figure out what the next step is to work with you.

Let them know in a casual and non-agressive way if they’d like to learn more, here’s what to do.

That’s why I do webinars every few months – it’s great way for our subscribers to get a deeper dive into web and social media marketing

Corey Perlman is an entrepreneur, best selling author and nationally-recognized social media expert.  His most recent book, eBoot Camp, (Wiley) became an Amazon.com bestseller and received global attention with distribution rights deals in both China and India. This do-it-yourself book written in layman’s terms provides the know-how to win business in cyberspace, while eliminating the need for a large marketing budget.
Corey’s company, eBoot Camp, Inc. manages the social media marketing for over 20 companies around the world. They also put on seminars and workshops for individuals and businesses looking to expand their digital footprint.
For more information, visit www.ebootcamp.com or call 855-eboot-now
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