Sales Tip – Pick Up The Phone – Solve Problems – Follow Through

by Peter Ramsden,

The latest fashion in lead generation seems to be social marketing.

Whilst I am a big fan of social media marketing I cannot help but think that many users of this new medium believe that it will actually do the selling for them.

I recently posted an emergency request together with my contact details on a number of social media sites for technical help with a problem I was having with word-press. I waited and waited expecting lots of calls but to my surprise the phone remained eerily silent.

On the other hand my in-box was a real hive of activity as I received message after message, PM’s and DM’s offering assistance and advice on who I should call. But still the telephone was quiet.

I checked to see if the phone line was working. Yep it sure was.

Now maybe I was at fault? Maybe I should have followed through on all those messages? Maybe I should have called each and everyone of them and begged them to sell me!

The last time I looked the easiest way to make a sale was to solve client problems.

Surely they should be calling me?

Surely making direct contact would be a great way to demonstrate and build trust in one’s ability to solve problems and potentially create a business relationship.

In point of fact only one person picked up the phone and called to offer assistance. Yes only one! Everyone else expected me to call them.

To cut a long story short the gentleman who called me fixed my problem in seconds. At that point without prompting I asked;

How much would it cost to solve all my other problems?

He promptly gave me a price quotation for the work I needed doing and I confirmed my order the following day.  I have since placed further orders for work based on the fact that he was the only person who offered assistance when I needed it most.

Several days passed by and not one person followed up on their PM’s and DM’s. Not a single message or call to ask if I have resolved my problem or not.

If only they had picked up the phone!

If you want to make sales then pick up the phone. Don’t hide behind technology. You know it makes sense.

Peter Ramsden is the Director and owner of Paramount Learning Ltd. As well as holding an MBA from Bradford University School of Management, Peter has more than 20 years experience of sales and marketing,  leading and directing national and international agents and distributors in a multicultural environment, marketing industrial consumables to multi-segment clients. Visit his website at

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