Use the Stanislawski Method to Give Yourself a Mental Selling Edge

 Sales a little slow? Getting tougher to pick up the phone and dial?

Need a little umph? A shot in the arm? A dose of  motivation?  Something –anything- to get your mojo back?

Try the Stanislawski Method of motivation.

Positive Mental Attitude

The Stanislawski Method is not unlike visualization but whereas visualization seeks to get an individual to see him/ herself successfully performing a job (or sport) , Stanislawski teaches that the individual should recall successful events in one’s life or job just prior to performing the task at hand.  His theory is that the mind should be ‘fertilized’ and ‘nurtured’ with positive thoughts.

In terms of tele-sales and prospecting, Stansilawski would probably suggest that before you pick up the phone and dial, take a twenty or thirty seconds to simply relax and think about your past successes.  In essence,  conjure up a positive mental attitude by recalling real events from your past.  In effect, when you think like a winner, you become a winner …at least in your approach and the sound of your voice. There is a degree of enthusiasm and confidence that translates readily on the phone. At a subconscious level,  your clients will sense it.

Action Plan

Do this: take a sheet of paper or a small card and list all your major accomplishments to date. Brag all you like, no one has to see it.  Don’t be shy.  It is a personal document meant for your eyes only.  Keep the card handy – in your wallet or purse or on a document on your computer.  Update it from time to time to keep it current.  Before you begin calling take a look at it.    Haul it out when you are going to make a big call on an important client or prospect. Use it to remember when you were at your very best.  You’ll actually feel something surging.

Look, tele-sales and tele-prospecting can get discouraging.  Don’t become a victim to discouragement. Use the Stanislawski Method to fight back and give yourself a little extra edge.

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