Buyers are Liars

by Invoke Selling

Okay, this may seem cynical – it may seem over the top.  I am not saying that buyers are bad people. I am not saying I’ve formed this opinion from bitterness.  I am certainly not saying you should jump down a buyer’s throat every time they tell you something.

However, Your ability to have the mindset that buyers are liars is vital to your success as a sales person.  Think about it this way – a good friend of yours, or even your spouse: You know when something is up, they have their tells that set your radar off and you realize something is not right.  You begin to probe and ask what’s going on or what’s wrong. You almost never get a real answer the first time – and typically you don’t get a real answer a couple questions in.  You try to make them comfortable, and console them – get them to trust that they can confide in you, perhaps even use a little comic relief.  Eventually they open up and tell you what’s really going on.  If you stopped  with “what’s wrong?” you would never find out their troubles and you wouldn’t be able to help.

People are people – buyers are no different.  They are not going to tell us the truth right away, they are going skim around the top of the problem.  It is you responsibility as the sales person to ask the right questions to dive to the heart of the problem.  Unless you are able to get the buyer to open up and share with you what’s really going on in their organization – you will not be able to win the business

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