5 Ways to be Horrible at Cold Calling

by Michael Scott, www.invokeselling.com
The idea that you can pick up the phone, talk to the owner of a company you’ve never spoken with before, set a meeting and get his business is one of the most exciting things I do as a sales person.  The problem is – so many salespeople are just really bad at it, and it is a vicious cycle.  They think they are bad, so they are bad, then they hate doing it and they get no results. Sales consulting companies then feast on “never cold call again” campaigns because this is what some salespeople want to hear.  The fact of it is, cold calling is an integral part of any sales cook book to meet your goals.  If you are choosing to not cold call, you are making a big mistake.

Here are 5 items that make people bad at cold calling which wrongfully convinces themselves that cold calling does not work:

1) Say “Hi this is Jon Dough with abc company, can I talk to your head of operations?”

2) Leave a voice mail

3) Use a script

4) Use a gimmick like “Hi Jon, I’m calling for the appointment I set with you”

5) Sound “Salesy”

We will be coming out with articles on how you can be successful at cold calling and make a dedicated effort to utilize this tool as part of your sales plan to increase business.

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