Tele-Sales Managers: How to Get Your Reps to Take More Personal Accountability and Sell More!

Here’s a quick, extremely effective way to get your tele-sales reps to take great ownership for their results (or lack of results).

It’s called a FLASH Report and I stole the idea from Becky Cruise, a former tele-sales director in Iowa.

Put simply, it is one the BEST ways to get reps to kick it up a notch or two. And the best thing is that FLASH reports are easy to implement and they make your job a whole lot easier.

The Verbal Conscience – The FLASH Report

A FLASH Report is a process of getting reps to collect their call data and to publicly report that data  on daily basis.  This creates a ‘verbal conscience’ whereby the reps must take personal responsibility and accountability for their results in front of  their peers and you.

How it Works

In a nutshell, Becky began process of personal accountability by having her reps keep a “DSR” -Daily Sales Report.  Each rep kept track of key indicators by manually tracking outbound dials, customer, contacts, inbound calls, direct sales, indirect sales, etc. Thus, at any given time of the day, the rep knows how he or she is doing and what needs to be done to achieve objective. Call it old fashioned but it forces the rep to take note of what they have achieved.

Every morning before dialing begins,  Becky had her FLASH Meeting (which is stand up affair) with of all the reps in her office. It would take only 15 minutes and each rep reports their individual results. For example,
” I had 20 calls for the day (their average is 37 so Becky knows the call count is low), 80 minutes on the phone (when the average is 140) with a average sale of $00 (compared to $353 average) and I made 4 sales (compared to the average of 9).  New product or promote sales of 10% total dollars (versus 20%) and no sales for the daily double.”

What FLASH Does – the Benefits

By publicly declaring their results in front of their boss and peers a number of benefits occur.

First and foremost, if the rep has had a lousy day it creates a degree of discomfort having to share the results with everyone else; but  the stress is ‘good stress’ because it tends to motivate the rep to work harder or smarter for the up coming day; no one want to report poor results two days in a row!

Second, if the rep had a good day, it is an opportunity for them to shine and grab a few ‘high fives’;  it appeals to their ego and pushes them to continue to perform well

Third and interestingly, when reps have had a bad day, their teammates tend to rally around them and give them verbal encouragement. They’ve all been there and they know what it is like; so, in effect, it builds team spirit.

Next, at any given moment the rep knows exactly what is important, what is expected and precisely where he or she stands; the results are big, bold and brassy. There’s not running or hiding. There is no pretending the result were mediocre or poor.

Fifth,  the manager immediately identifies good, mediocre or poor results for the previous day; there is no waiting for a weekly report; its saves every one time and energy.

And finally, the manager can immediately develop a plan of action for that individual; maybe it is coaching or maybe it is training; but the point is, something can be done before the rep spirals  and is lost

Bonus Benefit. Becky also attaches some sort of recognition or reward program with the FLASH sessions. For instance, she has slips of paper each of which has a key statistic written on it ( e.g., dials, contacts, # of sales, highest sale, average value of sale).   A draw is made and the person with the highest number in the selected category wins a small prize.  This means everyone has a chance of being a winner even if the rep had a bad day.


FLASH is such a simple process to implement but in all my years of consulting I have discovered that this is one of the MOST effective ways to get your reps focused and on track. It’s a wake up call every morning and reminds reps of what they must DO in order to be successful. Implement FLASH now and see results tomorrow.

(The above article was taken from Telesales Coaching: the Ultimate Guide to Helping Your Inside Sales Team Sell Smarter, Sell Better and Sell MORE.  Go here for more information)

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