Tele-Sales Managers:The Single Most Important Key to YOUR Tele-Sales Success

What’s the secret to blowing the lid off your sales and revenue objectives?

It’s really not that hard to figure out. But to provide you with some perspective, answer these questions:

  • Who plans and organizes the telephone call?
  • Who picks up the phone and dials the number?
  • Who battles past gatekeepers to reach decision makers?
  • Who has to penetrate voice mail and call display to speak to the buyer?
  • Who presents the opening statement that gets the client or prospect listening?
  • Who does the questioning to identify needs?
  • Who presents the appropriate solution?
  • Who handles the inevitable objections?
  • Who advances the sales cycle?
  • Who closes the sale?
  • Who cross sells and up sells?
  • Who generates the revenue?
  • Who helps make the margin?
  • Whose job is it to meet or exceed their sales objectives?
  • Who can make you look good?
  • And who can make you look bad?


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out… and it’s not the customer or the prospect. The answer is obvious:

The tele-sales rep.

If you don’t have a sales rep beating the bushes and making sales, you don’t have to worry about the customer. You won’t have them around. The tele-sales rep is the key to the success of you and your company because it is the sales rep that brings home the bacon. Without them, without the revenues they produce, nothing else really matters.

So, here’s the BIG question: if the tele-sales reps is so important where do YOU spend your time? Wait! let me guess:

– “important” meetings

– working on complex spread sheets

– implementing a creative project

– crafting a brand new sales strategy

– discussing ways to increase sales with your boss

Okay, here comes the perspective:

-Does a spreadsheet generate a single dime of revenue?

-How much revenue did your last staff meeting make for the company?

-What was the net margin on that last project?

-How many new customers did that meeting with your boss produce?

Get Your Priorities Right

There is certainly no question that managers have to attend meeting, put out fires, deal with accounting and tackle various projects. The issue is priority.

The tele-sales rep is the conduit for sales, customer growth, revenue and margin and if your time is not proportionately spent with those who make the sales then you’ve got your priorities wrong. Dead wrong. There is simply no delicate way to put it.

Give your head a shake right now. Give up a meeting or two. Say no to a project. Skip “American Idol” tonight and finish up your report at home. Come in early and study your spread sheet. I don’t care what you do, but make time for those who are going to make YOU successful

What Should You Do?

There are two things you must do to keep your ‘sales engine’ running smoothly and effectively: constantly provide your rep with training, and constantly support that training with ‘hands on’ coaching.

Simple, logical and effective … if you do it right

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