How to Coach Your Tele-Sales Reps Without Being There: The 10-2-5 Chart

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

The 10-2-5 chart is one of those ideas. It is a way to not only monitor the activities of your tele-sales team but also a way to get your tele-sales reps to monitor themselves and become more accountable for their results.

(The following is taken from a superb book on coaching: “Tele-Sales Coaching: The Ultimate Guide to Helping Your Inside Sales Team, Sell Smarter, Sell Better and Sell More.  Go here for more information)

What is it?

A 10-2-5 Chart is typically a large dry erase board that is prominently displayed within your tele-sales department. It features the names of your tele-sales reps and it features key indicators regarding productivity and sales.  For example, dials, connects, number of sales, value of sales, average value of sales etc.  Whatever you decide is critical.

There’s nothing new about a display chart but what makes the 10-2-5 unique is that at 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. your tele-sales reps have to get up from their desks and  walk over to the chart and enter their stats. What this does is provide a “real time” look at sales activities throughout the day. It is big, bold and brassy; there for everyone in the department and the company to see.

What this Does For the Rep

– it creates a sense of personal accountability for success
– it creates a degree of pressure to perform if the numbers are low
– it creates a sense of pride and achievement if the numbers are high
– it creates a sense of good competition to drive the reps to work harder or smarter

What it Does for You – The Manager/Owner/ Executive

-it provides you with a real time pulse of what is going on within your department and allows you to respond accordingly
-it acts as an “early warning system” for reps who may be faltering; in effect, you can nip an issue in the bud before it becomes major
-it tells others in your company precisely what your department is doing
– because it does all this, it holds YOU accountable too!

5 Steps to Making the 10-2-5 Chart  Work For You

There are some subtle – call them psychological, if you like- elements at work with the 10-2-5 Chart and you want to leverage them. Here’s how to make this simple idea yield bigger results.

1. Communicate the Purpose of the Chart. Don’t hold back. Tell your reps you ARE creating personal accountability and that you WILL be using it as a coaching tool. Emphasize the benefits. Explain that you won’t clobber someone if the numbers are down – that’s part of selling – but that you will positively respond if numbers stay down. Make sure they see how the chart can help them!

2. Make the chart large. Buy a large, huge, gigantic dry erase board. Or buy two and plunk them together.  The chart must be obnoxiously visible for all to see. This means the stats that the rep enters will be blatantly evident to everyone from a great distance. Believe me, a rep who may have been slacking will be conscious of the results and he or she WILL work harder. A reps who is doing well will beam with pride.

3. Make Sure the Reps Report to the Chart on Time.
The idea is to pull the reps together at specified time so it creates a group session. A jury of your peers so to speak.They can cheer good results. They can feel pride if the numbers are great. They can feel sheepish, angry, or competitive if they are not so great. Be tenacious about this.  This is not an optional exercise. It tells EVERYONE that activity and results is IMPORTANT.

4. Use the Chart for Motivation or Incentives. Create a prize for the top performers at 10, 2 and 5. Something small. A trophy. Have some fun with it. Or create a prize for the biggest % increase between each time.  Use the information from  the chart to target and direct activities.

5. Monitor the Chart. The chart is there for you too. Remember that. Glance at it every time you walk buy. Make sure your reps are complying. If there are dips,  note them or check in with the rep. If you see a trend, respond accordingly. Monitor calls, begin the feedback process. Let your team know that you use the chart too.


The 10-2-5 Chart is one of the most EFFECTIVE recommendations I make with clients. It is so deceptively simple that it is almost too easy to dismiss. Don’t be fooled. When implemented properly, it is a powerful driver of sales behavior. Use it

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