Do You Have a Sales Brand?

The follow article was written by Chris Carlson, Sales Development Expert.  Chris works at Anthony Cole Training in Ohio.  Visit their web site, sign up for their newsletters, check out their products.  Tony produces great stuff.

I am old enough to remember watching Westerns on TV.  When I was growing up, some of the most popular shows were Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Rawhide and The Big Valley.  Invariably, there was a scene in the show where the ranchers were branding their cattle.  Each ranch had a distinct brand so it would be easy to identify when one of the herd wandered away.  After all, how could you possibly tell the difference amongst all that cattle?

One of the things that I observe is that far too many salespeople are just like the cattle, you cannot tell them apart.  They sell the same products, the same way, to the same clients.

Not enough salespeople have their own brand.  I am not talking about the brand your company has or is trying to create in the marketplace, but rather your own personal Sales Brand.

My question to you today is this: do you have a Sales Brand?

Here are 5 things to consider as you establish your Sales Brand.

1.  Be Consistent: Salespeople have a bad habit of continually coming up with different marketing ideas and then never giving one a chance to take hold and make an impact.  If you are constantly changing your message, it is impossible to create a Sales Brand.

2.  Be Different: You may have heard us say, “Don’t look, act or sound like a salesperson.”  The reason is that we want you to be different.  Your clients need to view you not as a salesperson, but rather as a partner in their business.  Trusted advisors look, act and sound different than salespeople.  You want people to say, “Wow, this one is different!”

3.  Be The Resource: When prospects or clients think of the product or services that you represent, are you the first person that comes to mind?  Are you the resource that they can count on?  I love the line from the movie, Ghostbusters, when they say, “Who are you going to call? Ghostbusters!”  In your market, you must be the person who can provide answers to questions and solutions to their problems.

4.  Be Visible: You cannot establish a brand by sitting in your office.  You need to be in front of clients and prospects in both individual and group settings.  There are typically loads of events you can attend, but think about creating events that bring your clients and prospects together in a setting that you can control and where you can shine.

5.  Add Value: Don’t just sell products and services, but also find ways to help your clients grow revenue, be more effective and be more efficient.  Find ways to educate them in these areas through the use of seminars, newsletters and social media.  Use these tools, not to focus on you and your products, but to focus on what your clients need.

Don’t just be one of the herd.  Create a Sales Brand that makes you different and distinct and use this to propel you to even greater success.

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  1. Great article Jim! #3 is certainly key in growing a good service business!

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