8 Tips on How to Make A Perfect Follow Up Call

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Tip #5: Call on time

Don’t start your relationship on the wrong foot. Call on time. Never, ever be late with your follow up call. Not even by a minute. The promptness and respect you show on a follow up call reflects on you, your company and your products.

Tip #6: Avoid opening statement blunders that most sales reps make

Here is where so many tele-sales reps stumble and fall. Here some of the classic follow up opening statements blunders:

  • “I was calling to follow up on the proposal.”
  • “I am calling to see if you had any questions.’
  • “I just wanted to make sure you got my e-mail.”
  • “The reason for my follow up was to see if you had come to decision.”

It is not that these opening statements are poor but rather it’s that they’re routine and common place. They do nothing to position you or differentiate you. What this really means is that you are perceived as yet another run of the mill vendor looking for a sale.  You need a little more pizzazz.

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