8 Tips on How to Make A Perfect Follow Up Call

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Tip #3: E-mail a reminder and an agenda.

The day before your follow up call, send an e-mail to your prospect to remind them of your appointment. In the subject line enter the word: “Telephone appointment for August16th and article of interest.” Note that the subject line acts as a reminder but it is vague enough that the prospect will probably open it. There is a hint that maybe the date and time has changed.

Your e-mail should confirm the date and time of the appointment and then briefly list your agenda:

“John, the call should only take 10 minutes. We’ll review the proposal and I’ll answer any questions. And then we’ll determine the next steps, if any.”

Notice how the words echo the words that were used when the follow up was initially set. In particular, notice the trigger phrase “. . .the next steps, if any.”  The “if any” will help reduce some of the ‘stress’ or concern a first time prospect might have. Often they skip out on the follow up call because they are worried that they’ll have to make a commitment. This is natural and okay. If the prospect senses an easy, informal, no pressure type of phone call, he is more likely to show up on time for that call.

Tip #4: Add value in a PS.

Notice in the subject line there is a reference to an article. At the end of your e-mail add a P.S. that says,

“John, in the meantime, here’s an article I thought you might enjoy regarding…”

The article may be about your industry, the market, a product or better yet, something non-business related that you had discussed in your initial call. This creates tremendous value even it the client does not open it. Why? Because you took the time to do something extra.  This helps get you remembered and gives the client yet another reason to take your follow up call.

Of course, this means you have to do some homework. Start looking on the web for articles of interest and value relative to your market, industry etc. Keep a file of these articles because they can be used over and over again.

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